Everything Everything

Everything Everything

You, you’re nothing. You won’t amount to anything. Waste of my money. That was the voice of my
father, running shivers through the depth of my insecurities.
So, I looked to my boyfriend, who do you think I am? A ruck in the sack, he said. Someone to do the
dirty dishes. Sometimes you are there for me to gist with when I’m bored of my PS4.
I definitely expected more from my best friend who said I am pretty enough to qualify for a play
I asked my boss, who do you think I am? Someone who gets the job done, hits the target and makes
me look good in front of management, he said, throwing a faint smile towards me.
Hello Lagbaja bank, who do you think I am? One more credit card to get more interest I heard, as the
keyboard keys went clack clack.
So, I asked Next, who do you think I am? I definitely have to be your favourite shopper. Customer
D0blablabla who shops our new collections just after they hit the rack. Do you even have any savings
left from all the shopping you do? 
HMRC told me: you’re NI Z00012345. You pay your taxes quite alright. But not enough to afford 1
pack of The Queen’s premium teabags.
I asked Twitter, so who do you think I am? You are @BegforWealth, with your world famous hashtag

Notyourfriend. Well maybe not famous, after all you only got 1,000 retweets.

So, I went to Google for some answers. Sadly, I am the black kid who will barely make it out of
poverty. A millennial buried under debt.
And then, I looked within to find my truth. I am the sum of all my fears, a fiery cocktail of bravery
and courage. The ying, the yang, the zest, the rubble. I am the sun, the moon, the stars and an
eclipse of the seven wonders. I am me, one of my kind, no other DNA. Absolutely none!
I am Omotayo.

  • This piece was first performed on the 18 th of May 2019 at Scratch Tyne, North East England

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