Whose Reality? 2

Whose Reality? 2

A thousand killed up North
These headlines have now become the norm
Every day, citizens wake up 
Puzzled with the mystery of who will be next
The misery of families in despair

Wives crying for husbands who will never come home now
Children crying for fathers they will never know
Fathers selling their wives to the highest bidders
Just so their sons and daughters don’t starve to death
Death named the villain
Ignoring politicians doing the plundering 

This vicious cycle
This very vicious cycle
Where politicians loot the nations coffers dry
And send soldiers to war to die

Where soldiers turn on the people they are meant to protect
Raping adolescents in exchange for a false sense of security 
Blood dripping mixing with the clay
Rolling down hills and turning into rivers
Rivers drowning out the cries for help

Humanity has lost its heart
This madness is unexplainable 
This cycle that is a disgrace to humanity
Yet we turn blind eyes

We keep quiet, grateful the horror and terror aren’t our story 
A lot of times I find myself asking 
Will it ever end?
What if it was my reality? 
What if it was your reality?

  • This piece was first performed on the 26 th of November 2018 at Stanza Open Mic, Newcastle

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